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Whether it’s ringing, buzzing or other persistent sound, tinnitus is something that you are looking to find relief for. Although there are various approaches to relieving tinnitus, one method that many people have found useful is sound therapy. There are various techniques involved as well as different devices used to achieve this, but it is … Leer más


As sufferers know, there are no cures for tinnitus. This is an ailment that sufferers have simply learned to manage. You can find stories of people who have been victim to a noise in their ears that never goes away, a sound so disruptive it prevents sleeping, interferes with socializing and can actually lead to … Leer más


Many people may not be aware of what Menieres disease entails, much less just how many celebrities with Menieres disease there are. Usually beginning somewhere between early adulthood and middle age, this inner ear disease usually includes bouts of vertigo, uncomfortable amounts of ear pressure, ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, and ultimately it can … Leer más